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Whatsapp Moves Delhi High Court Against Modi Government New Rules

by Bellamkonda

NEW DELHI: Facebook owned social messaging app WhatsApp moves Delhi High Court challenging the newly imposed rules for all social media platforms on May 25. This happened exactly a day after the social media giants Twitter and Facebook approved for the centre’s new guidelines.

As per the new guidelines Whatsapp needs to trace the origin of message sent to a particular user, Whatsapp urges that it is unconstitutional and a breach to people’s fundamental right to privacy. Now Whatsapp filed a petition, against Indian government rules has become a hot topic on all social media platforms. But Whatsapp strongly argues that complying with the provisions of the new IT rules is simply putting an end to people’s privacy. Whatsapp spokesperson said that people have the right to freely and safely express their thoughts to others using the platform.

A section of people even criticized the Modi government over the new rules and started supporting social media platforms. A few others opined that it is an insult to the Modi government as Whatsapp sues the government of India. Now we have to wait and watch how Delhi HC will react to this petition by Whatsapp.

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