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The WhatsApp Pink virus can take control over victim’s phone.

by Bellamkonda

It was discovered that a malicious link is spread on WhatsApp groups that claims to change the WhatsApp chat application’s theme to pink. Under the name WhatsApp Pink, the link should act as an attacker’s tool to hack a targeted device.

whatsapp users are being targeted again by malicious actors trying to hack their accounts. The most recent threat comes from a malicious link shared via the chat platform that can let hackers steal personal information and gain access to any device they are open on.

WhatsApp Pink claims to be able to replace the green colour of WhatsApp’s theme with a pink one. The link also indicates that it offers additional features to lure users and claims the theme is one of WhatsApp’s official looks. Many WhatsApp users have received similar links on their phones, while others have forwarded them without understanding its real purpose.

Cyber experts have warned that the link’s actions are not what it appears, instead it is a tool for hackers to gain access to the device’s WhatsApp accounts or even its phone in some cases.

The expert explained that the link is devious enough to enable a hacker to gain access to all of your phone’s data.

How to be Safe from WhatsApp Pink Virus

  1. Uninstall WhatsAppPink as soon as possible.
  2. Disconnect all Whatsapp Web Devices.
  3. Clear the browser cache from the settings.
  4. Verify each app’s permissions.
  5. If you find suspicious permissions to any app, revoke them.

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