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Instagram Break! What’s The New Instagram Update?

by Fathima

HYDERABAD: Break reminds me of the famous dialogue “We were on a break!” from the Friends series. Well this break I’m referring to is to do something with your instagram scrolling. Hold on, I’m not asking you to take a break, it’s Instagram which will suggest you to take a break. Yes guys u read it right. Instagram has come up with a new feature to break from its content.
Few researches have proven that instagram’s content might be leading to mental health issues especially in teen girls.

The Reports said watching the same content on and on, continuously thinking about it and trying to compare your life with the situations there might lead to mental health issues. So instagram came up with this new feature of providing us a break for as long as we wanted from our accounts and pausing the content So that in the meantime we can analyse what is right and what is not! It also has come up with another new option about parents and optional controls to supervise teens.
It is a good initiative by Instagram as it can regularly remind us if we are over-scrolling and spending too much time on it!
I believe it’s good to “take a break” once in a while and then come back refreshed.

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