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India To Block Facebook, Twitter and Instagram From Tomorrow?

by Bellamkonda

NEW DELHI: The Centre government has announced new rules for news sites as well as social media platforms and OTT’s in February. They were given three months time to comply with the rules, and this deadline will end on Today, May 25. A ban is inevitable if social media platforms doesn’t adhere to these rules.

The Indian government has planned to introduce these Social Media Intermediary rules 2021,  with an aim to regulate the digital content featuring a code of ethics and a grievance redressal framework. Added to that social media companies should have relevant authorities in India. They have to include Indian officials names, their address in India, receipt of complaints, resolution, monitoring of objectionable content, compliance report, removal of objectionable content. This will be applicable to all the social media networks including  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from today.

So there might be a chance that Indian government might backlist these three social media websites as they didn’t follow the central government guidelines. Meanwhile some social media companies have asked for a six-month deadline, as they have not yet received any orders from their headquarters in the US over the appointment of Indian officials.

The latest update we hear is that Facebook agreed for government conditions.

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