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Xenotransplantation: Pig Kidney Transplantation To Human Patient

by Fathima

Xenotransplantation – Pig Kidney Transplantation!

Xenotransplantation, the biggest achievement in the medical field. Let me first explain to you the meaning of the word Xenotransplantation – which means organ/tissue (graft) transplantation from different species (xeno)other than humans i,e animals. I know you all must be thinking how is this a big achievement, as animals have always been used as experimental models for our needs. 

In the past also we have extracted many useful products from the animals like the wonder drug insulin for the treatment of diabetic mellitus was extracted from pig intestines, several hormones, the gelatin, anticoagulant from leech, Calcium supplements, several antibiotics from microorganisms, essential oils, fish skin for burns patients and last but not the least is organ /tissue transplantation. Previously also many doctors have tried transplanting tissues from animal origin but the outcome was not favourable as it would lead to graft or tissue rejection. The situation has arrived where the need is much more than what people donate. We are hardly reaching our goals to secure organs for transplantation and the waiting list is never ending. This made doctors come up with the idea of xenografts in the past, but it was not quite successful due to medical, ethical and cultural grounds throughout the world.

With the unbelievable scientific developments which are ongoing around the world. Doctors have used the genetic engineering technique to procure the needs of the drug requirements for the population worldwide and now they have synthesized a genetic engineered pig kidney and have fixed it to the human kidney in lab at NYU and guess what, kidney is doing what it is supposed to do. It indicates there is no graft rejection and thus this can change the fate of the medical world. If this technique works out we can be able to save millions of lives around the globe and no needy person will have to wait for their turn to receive an organ donor.

As the life expectancy of our species is increasing, we are becoming more prone to dangerous lifestyles and are putting our lives at risk. Many of those diseases are leading to end organ damage and require organ transplantation. And there are few congenital defects which require organ transplantation as their only source of treatment, if this technique works out, then it is going to be one of the biggest achievements in the early 21st century in the medical field. 

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Syed Firdouse 12 November 2021 - 10:45 pm

Ur very talented nice information liked it


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