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Why is Delhi Closed? What’s the reason for Delhi Air Pollution?

by Fathima

We are all aware of the fact that Delhi has been shut for this week due to its high air pollution content in the city. Delhi was previously also known for its highest level of air pollution in the country. Because of the covid lockdown last year, it helped not only India but many countries in the world to recover from the natural disasters or I would say it gave nature time for healing. And now after the opening of lock down we are back at it again. This time the bar has gone too high and we are again left with the option of restrictions and nothing else. Thus the Delhi officials have asked people to stay home and close schools and colleges and to work from home to bring back the air pollution levels to normal. 

A few days back in an interview Sadhguru told “ Let children burst crackers and if you’re really concerned about the air pollution, adults stop bursting crackers and walk to their office and not drive their car. 

This was soon trending on social media and all the millennials started sharing this amidst the diwali. 

And then after the diwali boom!! Delhites are not able to see anything in their state. It is a cause of concern for all the country as Delhi is our country’s capital. 

There are many ways which can tell us the air pollution levels, the widely used is this grading. 

Delhi is presently in the severe category. Air pollution has significantly increased due to the rapid industrialisation, modernisation, and rapid growth of mankind. The increasing population leads to its increasing demands which are ultimately results of the air pollution. 

In the recent research it was found out that Hyderabad is in the safe zone (101-200) moderate category and thus there has been an improvement in the air quality. 

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