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What Is No-shave November: History, Significance And Everything You Need to Know

by Fathima

Well, November has already kicked in and it’s already a week into it. Let me tell you a story of no shave November… Back in 2009, No-Shave November began as a Facebook campaign to raise awareness and money for cancer research and charities. This came into existence first when a member of the Hill family in Chicago died of Colon Cancer in 2007. After this incident, the concept of growing one’s hair wild and free was thought of as an appreciation for those who have hair and don’t have cancer, as most of the cancer patients lose their hair due to chemotherapy and in this way we could thus do our part in supporting them.

It’s a worthful campaign that keeps people motivated to not groom their hair and help save money for the cause. Men are not supposed to trim their hair and mustache the whole month, women can also refrain from trimming their hair and participate in the cause.

This trend which was initially followed in the US is now part of many countries. Approximately 1.7 to 1.9 million dollars were collected worldwide last year through this campaign. Apart from this campaign, people also shave their hair as solidarity to support their fellow mates in their cancer journey. It shows their love and mental support to them which aids in lessening their pain. Many places across the world people donate their hair for this cause. Few of the saloons also conduct hair donation camps to raise funds for cancer patients.

Tips for good hair growth

  1. Good hair comes with good food. Add protein regularly to you diet, with fruits like Indian gooseberry, green leafy vegetables, papaya and nuts.
  2. Regularly wash your hair. Use organic or less chemical shampoo.
  3. Apply lukewarm oil to your hair.
  4. Condition your hair with a hair mask once in a week using a banana, fenugreek, egg, curry leaves pack.
  5. Change your comb every 6 months.
  6. Trim your hair once in 3months.
  7. Last but not the least, have good sleep and regularly brush your hair.
    So let’s all come together for this cause and do our bit!

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