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US President Donald Trump And His Wife Melania Test Positive For Coronavirus

by Bellamkonda

WASHINGTON: The American President Donald Trump and his wife first lady Melania Trump were tested positive for coronavirus. Donald Trump announced this Friday  morning.

The US President Trump has failed to escape the global pandemic coronavirus. He was recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Melania, was also infected with the corona. Trump tweeted this on Friday. He said they would start the quarantine process and would take the appropriate treatment.

Meanwhile Hope Hicks, Trump’s top legal adviser was infected with the coronavirus recently. Following which Trump along with his wife had undergone coronavirus tests in which they were found to contradict with COVID-19 virus.  

Trump has been disregarding warnings from medical staff and officials to wear the mask at a time when the United States is full of COVID-19 positive cases. But then during a visit to a military hospital in Washington D.C. he surprised everyone by wearing a black mask.

Meanwhile The United States ranks first among the countries most affected by the corona. So far 7.31 million people have been infected with the virus and the death toll has crossed 2 lakh.

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