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Top 5 Mysteries around the world

by Fathima

Our earth is the most wonderful and fascinating place that never ceases to amaze with its natural and mysterious wonders.  

Did you know ? 

  1. Bermuda triangle situated in the western part of North Atlantic ocean. It is also called Devil’s triangle. There is something so strange about the place. We have lost many aircrafts and ships while crossing it or we can say we have never got them back. Whoever goes researching or finding evidence for this place has never come back. It is reported to have some huge magnetic field forces which can attract the flying aircrafts and ships from places near by it. 
  2. Black hole is one of the regions of space time where there is so strong magnetic field that it will not allow passage of anything like light or any other particles in space to escape it. Usually it is believed that space has zero gravity but these mysterious black holes have come to our attention since the late 90’s. 
  3. Dark matter is also known as missing mass. It was originally called a missing mass. Light emitted by the stars was used to quantify them into galaxies but there were places which lack light but were known due to their huge gravitational energy in that area. Thus it’s the presence of some matter which has a huge gravitational force but we can’t define it. 
  4. Tales of Yeti or the abominable snowman – It means bigfoot. There has been some photographic record of the bigfoot prints in Russia. This creature was similar looking like a bear but when man tried reaching him it disappeared.
  5. Space roar – Space is full of vacuum where you can’t hear anything but certainly we have found odd radio signals throughout the space. Sometimes these become problematic for scientific researchers for their study on the cosmos. It is believed to be due to the gases swirling around in galaxies or the galaxies in them. 

Stay tuned if you want to know more such mysteries!

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