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Telangana New Traffic Rules: No Helmet? Driving License Will Be Cancelled Permanently

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: With the increasing deaths due to two wheeler road accidents that occurred due to non wearing of helmets and other eight categories of driving, the centre government had strictly ordered the state government to follow all traffic rules and to impose strict punishments to traffic violators. So as a precautionary measure every two wheeler rider must wear the helmet before stepping out from the home with their vehicles as per the new rules.

So every two wheeler needs to be careful as driving without a helmet can result in the permanent cancellation of the driving license. If a person riding two wheelers without a helmet is caught by police for the first time, their driving license will be suspended for three months for the first time, and their driving license will be revoked for lifetime if they were caught by the police without a helmet for the second time. However, the central government has directed the states to implement it strictly, and a new law was also brought in this regard.

Now the Telangana government is implementing the Amended and enacted Act 206 of the Motor Vehicle Act. This will be enforced by the Cyberabad police.  The traffic police have made changes to these laws in all eight categories. Cyberabad Traffic DCP Vijay Kumar said that it was being implemented under the Motor Vehicle 206 Act. Vijay Kumar said it was already being implemented in Karnataka.

The Central Government has taken a total of eight categories such as driving, driving without a helmet, rash driving, triple driving, reckless driving, wrong side driving and signal jumping. The government has decided to bring in tougher laws as most of the deaths are due to driving in these eight categories.

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