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Bigg Boss Bigg Twist: Swathi Deekshith Eliminated From Bigg Boss Show

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD:  In an unexpected move Swathi Deekshith Eliminated, Yes what you hear is right! It is none other than Swathi Dekshith who has been eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 reality show on Saturday episode during the Bigg Boss 4th week Elimination process.

This is quite surprising for the audience and even fans of Swathi Deekshith as she had entered the show just a week ago as a wild card entrant. Swathi is unexpectedly evicted from Bigg Boss  House as she had got the least votes among all the rest contestants in the Nominated list for the fourth week elimination in Bigg Boss.

Before Eliminating Swathi Nagarjuna had said that this week there is direct elimination in Saturday’s episode and gave a gun to nominated contestants and asked them to shoot themselves and the person who gets the bullet is finally eliminated.

In the first round everyone got saved and Nagarjuna had asked them to repeat the gun shots for the second round in which Swathi Deekshith got eliminated.

As Swathi’Deeksith is eliminated now the rest Ahijeeth, Lasya, Mehaboob, Sai Kumar, Sohail and Dethadi Harika are saved. Initially everyone thought that Mehaboob Dil Se might get eliminated this week, but Bigg had given enough screen space for him to prove his talent in Humans Vs Robots task and even highlighted his performance in the show for the past few days.

On the other hand, Swathi Deekshith was not at all  given proper screen space in the recently aired episodes of Telugu Bigg Boss Season 3. So the audience didn’t vote for her.

Even Bigg Boss makers are of the opinion that Mehaboob is able to create controversy in all the physical tasks and which will help the show increase its TRP rating.

Swathi Deekshith didn’t even get enough time to prove her worth in the Bigg Boss Telugu. With all these reasons Bigg Boss had reportedly eliminated wild card entrant Swathi Deekshith from the Bigg Boss Telugu Show this week.

To increase the TRP ratings and Hype of the show Bigg boss makers had introduced the 27-year-oldSwathi Deekshith as third wild card entrant in the house after Sai Kumar Pampana and Mukku Avinash.

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Meanwhile The Swathi will be entering the Bigg Boss stage and continuation of her elimination episode will be telecasted On Sunday’s episode tomorrow.

The Bigg Boss Telugu Show is running as a good mix of unexpected twists and surprises to increase the TRP ratings and keep up the show TRP during this IPL season. So the Elimination process in The Bigg Boss show is also quiet surprising to audience.

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