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Reasons For Sujatha Elimination From Bigg Boss | Sujatha Drops Bigg Bomb On Sohail

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is one of the most popular and talked about reality shows in Telugu states. The contestants are keeping the audience glued to their seats with their nasty fights. As expected Sujatha was eliminated in the week 5 from Bigg boss Telugu House on Sunday, October 11.

Sujatha got the least votes among the other contestants. For the past few days, Sujatha is seen giving fake smile to their fellow mates.

She is getting overacted for silly jokes. The topmost reason why she is going to eliminate is some of Nagarjuna fans are not happy with the way she addressing the host of the show with a nickname Bittu.

Some of them are expressing their views on social media that Sujatha calling Nagarjuna as a ‘Bittu’ is really a show-off attitude thing that’s could the reason they haven’t voted for her.

In the last episode finally Monal, Sujatha and Amma was in the danger zone and Monal saved.

Following that Amma Rajashekar and Sujatha enter garden area and breaks down a glass in which Sujatha photo was present with a caption Sujatha Evicted.

Sujatha left the bigg boss house with a fewer votes and she is in the bottom list. As far as the audience. While leaving the Bigg Boss house Sujatha drops Bigg Bomb on captain Sohail and he has to clean all the utensils in the Bigg Boss House for a week.

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