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Reason Behind Pawan Kalyan Taking U Turn On GHMC Polls

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: JanaSena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has today announced his decision after meeting BJP leaders, that JanaSena party has decided to drop out from the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation ( GHMC) elections which were scheduled to be held on December 1.

Pawan Kalyan on Tuesday had announced that JanaSena will independently contest in the GHMC polls. Buzz is that Pawan Kalyan has earlier taken this decision to compete independently in Telangana, as he was hurt with BJP cadre ignoring him in Telangana and taking unilateral decision of competing in the GHMC polls even without consulting him.

JanaSena Chief had already announced his support to BJP in AP, despite that BJP had not consulted him for his support in Telangana GHMC polls and this move of BJP irked Pawan Kalyan. Following this, Pawan has decided that JanaSena Will compete in GHMC polls independently  in at least 40 divisions.

BJP high command was shocked with Pawan decision as this announcement of Pawan Kalyan is surely a bad news to them, as he has a strong fan base both in AP and Telangana, and most of his fans might choose JanaSena party in GHMC polls for their favourite leader. So BJP leaders G Kishan Reddy and OBC Morcha personally met Pawan Kalyan and convinced him to drop off his decision.

After holding discussions for an hour Pawan Kalyan announced his support to BJP and drop out from contesting in GHMC elections, so Pawan Kalyan aim is to teach a lesson to BJP who didn’t approach him for his support in GHMC polls despite of their alliance and now as BJP approached him he considered their proposal and drop out decision to compete in GHMC polls and announced his support to BJP in GHMC Polls.

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