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Nagarjuna To Gift House To Gangavva | Nagarjuna Promises To Build House For Gangavva

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Gangavva who is one of the most entertaining performers of the Bigg boss Telugu contestant Gangavva leaves the Bigg Boss house in Saturday’s episode aired on October 10. We all know that Gangavva had entered the house with a dream to build a house for her. Despite her age she is a strong fighter who has performed well in all tasks.

But for the past few days she was unwell and facing health problems frequently. Finally Nagarjuna had accepted Gangavva’s request and requested the Bigg Boss to send Gangavva from the Bigg Boss Telugu house. In the Saturday Bigg Boss episode Gangavva was sent to her hometown.

In the latest episode telecasted on Hot star, Gangavva enters the confession room and once again requests Nagarjuna to allow her to go back to her hometown. While Gangavva leaving the Bigg Boss house Nagarjuna said that her dream of building the house will be fulfilled by Him.

Gangavva entered the Bigg Boss stage while leaving the house and shared her opinion about all the housemates. Gangavva had saved her favorite contestant Akhil from this week Elimination.

Gangavva is a well known YouTuber and the eldest contestant of the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. After staying for a few days in the Bigg Boss house, earlier Gangavva requested Bigg Boss to let her leave the house by saying that she is unable to live in the house. Finally Gangavva fans were happy that Nagarjuna had promised to help Gangavva in constructing her dream house

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