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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 : Mukku Avinash Attempts To Commit Suicide During Lockdown

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The Jabardasth comedian and Bigg boss Telugu 4 contestant Mukku Avinash revealed that he had decided to Commit suicide during the coronavirus lockdown period, but later changed his mind thinking about his parents. In the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 episode 32 aired on friday and the contestants become emotional by narrating their struggles and key moments in their lives to the rest of housemates. As a part of that Mukku Avinash said that he had once decided to commit suicide in lockdown period but later changed his mind.

Noel explained about the greatness of his mother,  Gangava narrated life experiences and Mukku Avinash shared about his suicide decision during lockdown by listening to which all the housemates were shocked. Avinash said that ‘I always believe in two things in life, One is my parents and second is the audience. I also count friends as my family.

Avinash said that ” I can’t separate them, I am 30 years old now and I have recently purchased a new house at this age and I have bought a car.”   The reason behind my success is the audience and my parents, he said.

Avinash said that he has recently bought a new house with a bank loan before lockdown and he has to pay an EMI of Rs 45,000 per month for the home loan.  He said that he had lost income during lockdown. Avinash said that he was in a situation where he was unable to pay the House EMI due to his financial problems. He clarified that he had purchased the house when he was in a position to pay the EMI and suddenly he had spent the Rs 4 lakh money on hospital expenses for his mother and father.

He said they were five brothers and only he had spent money for treatment of his parents as the rest of his brothers were not in a position to afford the hospital expenses of their parents. Avinash said that he had also borrowed Rs .10 lakhs during the lockdown and due to financial problems he had once made up his mind to commit suicide. But later he changed his mind thinking about his parents.

Amma Rajashekar and Abhijeet consoles Mukku AVinash and tried to fill confidence in him. Amma Rajashekar said that he had constructed a house worth 6 crore but later sold that due to financial woes , but never think about commiting suicide.

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