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Bigg Boss: Monal Cries After Divi Complaints Nagarjuna Over Monal’s Triangular Love Story

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: In the Saturday episode aired on October 3, Divi had bravely opened up about her opinion on controversy over a triangle love story running in the Bigg Boss house. Divi said to Nagarjuna that she feels that Monal is creating a confusion in all the housemates along with Akhil and Abhijeet over her love.

Divi told Nagarjuna that Monal had told Abhijeet that she liked him, but she always seemed closer to Akhil. During day times and Monal is seen closer to Abhijeet once Akhil sleeps in the night, said Divi to Nagarjuna.

Following Divi word’s Monal and Akhil becomes emotional and Monal said that Divi is trying to project her as a characterless woman and said that Divi words are like assassinating her character. Even Akhil was spotted having tears in his eyes when Monal was speaking about Divi’s word’s.

Monal further added that Akhil is a person with whom she shares everything that has happened to her In the Bigg Boss house. Monal added that Akhil had supported her in every possible way in all the matters irrespective of the language problem.

Monal further clarified that she went into the store room along with Abhijeet who is the ration manager of the Bigg Boss house to change batteries of her mike.  

Meanwhile Monal had also complained Nagarjuna that Abhijeet stopped speaking with her, and not even looking at her after they had some differences in opinion over her jovial talk with Swathi and Harika.

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