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Watch: Kumar Sai Shocking Comments On Bigg Boss Contestants | Kumar Sai Rapid Fire Answers

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Kumar Sai has been eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu show in the sixth week. After getting eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Kumar Sai gave an interview to the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 title winner Rahul Sipligunj. Kumar Sai made sensational comments on the rest of the housemates in this interview and this comments goes viral on social media.

Kumar Sai had shared his opinion about the rest of the Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants. He clearly told Rahul about the positive and negative he had observed in the housemate till now.

Kumar made most controversial comments on the housemates in Bigg Boss House in his rapid fire round with Rahul Sipligunj. In her rapid fire round Kumar Sai was seen on fire and had opened her mind and made most controversial comments on Bigg Boss contestants.

Meanwhile most of the Boss Telugu audience were upset with the elimination of Kumar Sai, and saving Monal from this week elimination despite her getting poor votes when compared with Kumar Sai.

Have a look at the comments made by Kumar Sai on the Bigg Boss Contestants:

Amma Rajasekhar : Kumar Sai said that comedy is both a positive and negative aspect of Amma Rajasekhar, said that he uses his comedy against the contestant who he doesn’t like to decrease their meter.

Monal : Kumar Sai said that Monal has two tongues and she is the main reason for the clash between Akhil and Abhijeet.

Divi: Kumar Said that DIvi always seeks support from Amma Rajashekar in all aspects and hides behind him in physical tasks.

Akhil : Kumar Sai said that Akhil lacks coordination between his brain and heart
Harika : Kumar said that Harika plus is friendship and her minus is that she is ready to do anything for that.

Gangavva : He said that Gangavva is the most genius person who can clearly understand the inner feelings of all.

Mehaboob : Kumar said that Mehaboob makes friendship with others to make use of it to win tasks and title of the Bigg boss 4

Sohail : Kumar Sai said that Sohail has high temper and he can make others raise their temper.

Avinash :  Kumar said that Mukku Avinash is afraid of Nominations and tries to run away from it.

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