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Is Coronavirus 2.0 Strain more Powerful Than Coronavirus?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Coronavirus Strain is the new variant of the Coronavirus and it is rapidly spreading in UK and forced a few countries to re impose lockdown 2. This new virus is spreading 70 percent faster and even much stronger than coronavirus and is reportedly out of control. London government started imposing tier 4 lockdown to control the spread of this virus. Even  Italy announced Red Zone from December 24 to January 6. Keeping a close watch on the spread of virus, even  Indian government temporarily imposed ban on flights from UK till January 30.

Even Indian government started precautionary measures against Coronavirus Strain and Maharashtra state government imposed curfew during night times. Added to that all the passengers travelling to India must undergo quarantine for 15 days. As per the doctors advice this virus have similar symptoms like coronavirus but it is reportedly spreading at a faster rate than original coronavirus. Indian doctors advised people not to panic as not even a single case of coronavirus strain is so far detected and the new strain of coronavirus has only confined to some parts of the United Kingdom. They have also said that it is quiet common that viruses often mutate, or develop small changes, as they reproduce.

Added to that in a recent update over the coronavirus strain five UK returnees test positive for coronavirus and their samples sent to detect presence of new strain.

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