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ICMR Approves Corona Self Testing Kit, Check Price and Procedure To Test

by Bellamkonda

NEW DELHI: The Indian council for medical research(ICMR) has approved India’s first coronavirus self testing Rapid Antigen Test kit CoviSelf. As per the ICMR report if a person tests positive by checking using this CoviSelf kit, then there is no need for undergoing  RT-PCR or testing for the second time with the same kit. So this COVID -19 self testing kit will greatly help people who have suspected symptoms to test themselves just by sitting at home and can get the result within 15 minutes after performing a self coronavirus test.

Price of Coronavirus (CoviSelf) Self Testing Kit :

The self-use coronavirus test can be performed by any symptomatic persons or immediate contacts of coronavirus infected persons and the price of CoviSelf Testing Kit is just Rs 250. These testing kits will be made available to people in a week. Anyone can easily get the COVID-19 self testing kit from local pharmacies even without a prescription.

Procedure To Perform Coronavirus Self Test At Home :

  1. Any symptomatic person who is willing to take up the coronavirus test has to follow the instructions and perform the test using nasal swab.
  2. To perform the corona test we have to install the ‘Mylab Coviself’ app and enter the credentials to proceed with the test.
  3. Insert the nasal swab into both nasal cavities and collect the sample and conduct the test as per the instructions in manual.
  4. A positive corona result is indicated by the appearance of two lines “T” test line as well as the “C” control line,
  5. Negative results will only have a “C” line.
  6.  However if any person tests negative but continues to experience the COVID-19 symptoms should seek doctor’s advice.

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