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Hyundai Tucson Specifications: A “2021 Design Revolution” With Spellbinding Tech Inside

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Hyundai has named its new Tucson as a “Design revolution” for which the sales will begin later this year. The new technology for the massive SUV can upbeat the hearts of one who owns it.

Hyundai’s fourth version from the South-Korea’s worldwide top-seller, features 227bhp 2.6-liter T-GDi hybrid and 48V mild-hybrid technology. Hyundai yet to give the details of performance of its new star shiner.

With Parametric Hidden Lights built in, jewel-like running lights and LED headlights are integrated to the sides. The 3D parametric graphics are highlights that look classy and chic. To the sides, comes the angular theme while the back hides the wiper with the logo placed at the bottom of windscreen – a first and newest design like never before.

2021 version is 20mm long and 15m wide. Stretched by 10mm, the wheelbase comes with 2680mm. On the mark, the company reveals that two wheelbase versions will be in the market of which the shorter one, will only hits the UK market. Customers have a choice to choose from 17-inches, 18-inches, and 19-inches wheels coming in two-tone color combinations.

Hyundai European designer, Eduardo Ramirez has quoted the new fourth version as “Quite Brave”. In his words, “It’s always a big challenge to replace a car that’s been so successful. We’re so proud of Tucson, but we didn’t want to fall into the trap of trying to retain what we had achieved and not go further. We felt free to innovate, which is how ideas like the hidden lights came to life.”

With a motive to enable gentle air flow, Multi-air mode technology has imbibed thus contributing less space to direct and indirect air vents. Another highlight of SUV frontier is lessening a bunch of physical controls.

Heating and infotainment controls can be accessed through touchscreen which has a range of functionalities such as last mile navigation. Safety as priority, the firm has added an airbag at the center and remote parking on PHEV and hybrid models.

The caliber of the engine with diesel produces 134 bhp, mild-hybrid petrol offers 178bhp and 148 bhp. Mounted six-speed manual for petrol and seven-speed auto for diesel, one can enable four-wheel drive optional on most powertrains. Also, this chic-looking SUV has three modes – Normal, Eco, and Sport and three additional off-road-focused modeson four-wheel variants.

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