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Here’s Why Kumar Sai And Ariyana Glory Are Confused Players

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is one of the most-watched shows in Telugu states thanks to Nagarjuna hosting skills. During the initial stage of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, many of the contestants were not familiar with the Telugu audience. After one month of its launch, all the sixteen contestants in the house are found a place in people’s hearts with different opinions. So far, the most popular contestants in the show are-Sohail, Mehboob, Akhil, Abijeet and Monal.

It wouldn’t be a crime, if we say, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants are giving a high dose of entertainment to the audience. In Monday episode, some high voltage drama has happened in the house, Akhil and Abhijeet had a verbal spat among each other during the nomination process.

So far, all the contestants in the house are performing well in the tasks. But two contestants seem to be innocent, they are none other Kumar Sai and Ariyana Glory.

The latest buzz on social media that Kumar Sai and Ariyana Glory both know how to play the game in perfect way. They always speak perfect points on other people during the nomination or in any other task. When it comes to explanation, they both can’t do it in a perfect way. This leads the audience to think that are confused players.

This week, Kumar Sai’s escaped nomination as he is the captain of the house. If not, all the housemates would blindly nominate him by giving some or other reasons. Ariyana has been nominated for this eviction. It is left to see whether she will be able to survive next week in the house or not.

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