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Covishield Side Effects, Symptoms Released by Health Ministry

by Bellamkonda

NEW DELHI: The most striking question among the people who are planning to get vaccinated for coronavirus is, Are there any side effects due to Covishield or coronavirus vaccination. Now the Union Health Ministry has come forward to clear the misconception in public about coronavirus vaccination. It said  that over 23,000 adverse events were reported ever since the starting of the vaccination drive in India. Out of this, 700 vaccinated cases turned out to be serious.

The Health Ministry said that blood clots or bleeding were reported after vaccination only in 0.61 cases per million Covishield vaccinated cases in India, while there were no adverse effects after administering a dose of Covaxin.  The National Adverse Event Following Immunisation committee (AEFI) which has completed a detailed  research on side effects after taking Covaxin vaccines on 498 cases, out of which 26 related to blood clot  has found out that there is a blood clot or other side effects reporting rate of 0.61 cases per million vaccination doses.

Side Effects Of Covishield Vaccine :

  1. Difficulty In Breathing.
  2. Chest Pain.
  3. Headache with or without vomiting.
  4. Seizures within the absence of previous history of seizures with or without vomiting.
  5. Weakness or paralysis of limbs or any particular side or a part of the body including face.
  6. Persistent vomiting with none obvious reason.
  7. Pain in limbs or pain on pressing limbs or swelling in limbs.
  8. Multiple, pinhead size red spots or bruising of skin in a neighborhood beyond the injection site.
  9. Persistent abdominal pain with or without vomiting.
  10. Blurred vision or pain in eyes or having diplopia .
  11. Sudden Change in mental status or having confusion or depressed level of consciousness.

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