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Coronavirus To Be More Deadly This Year Warns World Health Organisation

by Bellamkonda

NEW DELHI:  As coronavirus second wave continues there is steady increase in COVID 19 cases across the country now the hospitals are filled with the influx of patients who need emergency treatment. Second wave has put the lives of people at all time high risk for infection and now the World Health Organization Chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Friday issued a warning saying that the COVID 19 pandemic is on track and will be much more deadlier in 2021 than 2020.

Appealing to countries to be more careful and cautious about the spread of virus, he requested the countries to come forward and donate  corona vaccines to poorer nations instead of vaccinating kids. Clarifying further he added that  low and lower-middle income nations were not  even in a position to immunise frontline workers who were working in hospitals, and hospitals in those countries were inundated with people who were in urgent need of healthcare.

As per the AFP data the coronavirus pandemic has killed at least 3,346,813 people worldwide. Coming to India more than 260,000 Indians have succumbed to COVID 19, according to official figures. Now India has to immediately improve the supply of vaccinations to people to effectively battle against this second wave of coronavirus.

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