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Coronavirus Spreading Through Air As Per Centre New Guidelines

by Bellamkonda

NEW DELHI: The coronavirus is getting stronger with each passing day and continuing it’s rampage across India, with at least two lakh positive cases reported every day. The people living across the country are at an all time high risk for the infection. Now the coronavirus is reportedly spreading through airborne route, droplets of infected person’s cough, sneeze, as per the centre government revised guidelines.

Even after recovering from the coronavirus, persons with weak immunity systems are falling prey to different viruses like Black Fungus and White Fungus. The centre has also revised a few of the guidelines like it has suggested people with mild coronavirus symptoms to take the dose of 200 mcg/kg tablet Ivermectin once a day on empty stomach for 3 to 5 days. Centre has also advised people with mild symptoms not to take systemic oral steroids. 

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