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Coronavirus Second Wave In AP: Lockdown Re Imposed In This District

by Bellamkonda

AMARAVAI: Rising coronavirus cases across the country from late February to early march is a sign of beginning of a second wave of COVID 19. Already states like  Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat stands in the list of states with a surge in coronavirus cases reporting on a daily basis and now Andhra Pradesh is also adding to this list with spike in number of infections reporting on daily basis.

Corona positive cases are steadily increasing in AP especially in some areas due to negligence of people in following anti COVID 19 measures. This has left the state government with no option other than to reimpose lock-downs in some areas. With the steep increase of corona cases in Chittoor district state officials re imposed lockdown in Kammapalli panchayat of Ramachandrapuram Mandal in Chittoor.

Authorities closed government schools and offices and declared the village a red zone. Ten corona cases have been reported in the village recently. With this, sanitary measures were strictly implemented. Special medical camps were set up. While 10 positive cases were registered in Kammapalli panchayat, one case was registered in the adjoining Gangireddy village panchayat. meanwhile the AP has registered 147 corona positive cases  on Monday. Out of which 35 cases were from Chittoor district.

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