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Bigg Boss Fourth Week Nominations: List Of Nominated Contestants For Week 4 Elimination

by Bellamkonda

In the Bigg Boss Telugu episode aired on Monday, September 28 seven contestants were nominated for the elimination process this week. As a part of Nomination process Bigg Boss had given a task to Bigg Boss Telugu contestants to play a Hat Men task where Sohail and Akhil were dressed up in the attire of Hat men who nominates five contestants by taking Rs 5000 from each for nominating the person of their choice.

Amma Rajashekar Makes contact by offering 5,000 Rs to Hat Men who were Sohail and Akhil and asked them to Nominate Swathi Deekshith.

Next Mehaboob asked the hat men to nominate Abhijeeth over their difference in Humans Vs Robots task.

Ariyana gave contract to Hat men to nominate Lasya as she has hurt her saying that housemates are getting irritated with Ariyana’s behaviour.

Finally one among the Sohail and Akhil who were left with least money will also be nominated for elimination.

Meanwhile Gangavva was saved from nomination as she is the captain and Ariyana was also saved from nomination as Devi Nagavalli had dropped a bigg bomb on Ariyana and saved her from Nomination the next week.

Harika asked hat men to nominate Mehaboob as he is over aggressive and he is a competitor.

Sujatha gave contract to Hat men to nominate Sai Kumar as he is still not actively speaking with all the housemates.

Akhil Saved and Soahail got nominated as he had more money when compared with Sohail in Hat Men task.

After that Akhil was given a chance to nominate one contestants, following which he nominated Dethadi Harika and said that he is interfering in others issues.

List Of Bigg Boss Telugu Week 4 Nominated Contestants :

  1. Swathi’Deeksith
  2. Abhijeeth
  3. Lasya
  4. Mehaboob
  5. Sai Kumar
  6. Sohail
  7. Dethadi Harika

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