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CCTV Footage: Aliens Landed On Earth, Scientist Worried About Threat To Humans

by Bellamkonda

WASHINGTON: In a shocking video, two Aliens were spotted in CCTV footage which was recorded in USA.

The news that aliens have landed on Earth is creating a sensation and fear among people living in America. Moreover, it is being publicized that the two mini sized Aliens were reportedly landed in America and were found playing on the streets of America which were recorded on CCTV cameras. The YouTube channel ‘Esoteric and Paranormal World’ posted a video on YouTube claiming that two alien creatures had roamed the streets.

In the video there were two strange creatures that landed on the ground after everyone was asleep and were seen playing like little children on the road. A car was also seen in the video  there. Next to the parked car the Aliens  were spinning back and forth.

The video footage was analyzed by Scott Sea Waring (USA), who calls himself an Alien Hunter. They are thought to be actually aliens. ” We have seen a lot of incidents of UFOs (flying saucers, alien vehicles) landing on Earth. Small alien creatures are coming through them.

 He said that some are moving fast. But so far they didn’t harm anyone, but however they can be dangerous and there might be a threat to humans from them. The aliens in this video seemed to be looking for something. They are very intelligent and come to observe for a few minutes the way of life of the people on earth, ” Waring said on his UFO Sightings Daily website.

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