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Akhil Trolled As Curry Leaf | Netizens Trolls Akhil For Forcing Monal For Self nomination

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: It’s been more than six weeks since Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 started.  We are now seeing the true personalities of contestants coming out. In a recent episode, there was a nomination process between the contestants. Bigg Boss has divided the ten contestants into two pairs and assigned them a task to nominate each other. All of them have did a fantastic job in nomination as they were giving their own reasons to save from elimination.

Divi, Avinash, Monal and Ariyana were seen sacrificing for their pairs. Show lovers are trolling one contestant on social media. Any wild guesses? Your guess is as good as mine. He is none other than Akhil who always managed to be in the headlines for a number of reasons.

Monal and Akhil were paired together for nomination. Monal asked Akhil, I was nominated many times, you are excellent in physical tasks. Will you save me? Akhil’s reply to Monal will leave you all shock.

He said, I’m performing well in all the tasks though, I’m not winning it. But, I’m able to do it with same enegry. To stay in the house, one should perform well in the tasks so that’s why I want to save myself. Monal without uttering any word, she nominated herself for this week eviction.

Recently, During Kumar Sai’e elimination, Monal was sent into the confession room as she was also to get eliminated. Luckily, Nagarjuna didn’t do and she was back to the house. Akhil behaved that he is loving her madly and can’t play without her in the Sunday episode with her expression. In less than two days, Akhil true color is visible to the audience. That’s not all, He has chosen game over Monal which really didn’t go well with few sections of the audience. They trolling him badly on social media.

Even a few of the Bigg Boss 4 audience started trolling him as curry leaf for his behavior towards Monal and Kumar Sai in recent episodes.

If you don’t believe us, then take a look at the tweets

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