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Akhil Monal Romance Gone Wrong | Netizens Says ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Worst Show Ever In India

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Looks like the world the biggest reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is turning out to be the worst show amongst the Telugu audience. As you all might aware, Kumar Sai was evicted from the house. We have already told, show lovers are furious over Nagarjuna and Bigg Boss management for elimination Kumar Sai for their own benefits. After Kumar Sai elimination, Akhil and Monal romance in the house really didn’t go well with the audience.

In last night’s episode, Nagarjuna announced the names of Divi, Abhijeet, Harika, Ariyana are entered into a safe zone. He told Monal and Kumar Sai to pack bags and come into the confession room as one among these two will face elimination. Later, he declared Kumar Sai has been eliminated from the show. Monal was waiting for Nagarjuna’s call in the confession room. After a while, she came back and joined the housemates.

Why they kept Monal in the confession room for a long time is to see the emotion of Akhil. It’s a known fact that Akhil develops a special kind of relationship with her. He will get jealous whoever talks to her especially Abhijeet because the latter also has a special attraction towards her. It is being said that Monal

When Monal was packaging her bags Akhil expressions were she is leaving him for a lifetime. The show makers have highlighted his reaction over Monal eviction. He couldn’t control his angry went on had a clash with Kumar Sai.  When Monal was back from the confession room, she is teasing him, come, come hug me.

Monal said to Akhil that I understood that how you’ll stay in the house in the absence of mine. Akhil told I knew you that you don’t get eliminated. The audience were unable to see their romance in the show and they are dropping their opinions on social that it’s the worst show ever in India.

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