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Akhil Escapes Elimination, Becomes House Captain For The Week

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss as usual played with the audience by releasing a fake promo announcing that Akhil is going to get eliminated and created an unnecessary drama for TRP ratings of the show. Bigg Boss has created high tension in the contestants by keeping them in the darkness that Akhil will be eliminated today, till the end of the episode.

Bigg Boss even asked Akhil to pack his bag, take a selfie with housemates and get ready for the elimination. After Akhil entered the Bigg Boss house all the housemates including Abhijeet requested Bigg Boss to save him, but Bigg Boss intila didn’t open up and asked Akhil to choose two friends and two enemies in the house. Following that, Akhil choosed Sohel and Monal as best friends and choosed Lasya and Abhijeet as enemies for their discussion against him.

Akhil was about to leave the house and then Bigg Boss announced that he is safe and given him a special opportunity to choose one of the pots kept in the garden area, in which one will have the opportunity for him to be the captain and the second has direct nomination. Akhil choosed the pot with good luck and became the house captain for the week. Even Abhijeet was saved from this week’s elimination.

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