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Home » News » Watch: Abhijeet Slaps Akhil With Epic Reply In Nominations Fight | Puli Vs Meka

Watch: Abhijeet Slaps Akhil With Epic Reply In Nominations Fight | Puli Vs Meka

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu contestants Abhijeet and Akhil are the strong contestants of the season. They may talk to each other well but they never shared a good bond as their contemporaries in the house. 

Abhijeet proved Akhi’s secret drama as a fake. As you all might aware, Akhil was in a secret room in last week. On Saturday, he was back in the house with housemates. Abhijeet is seen saying that Akhil is aware of the secret room and he played a mind game. Akhil went into a secret room without defending himself with Bigg Boss or other housemates raised many eyebrows on social media.

In this latest promo, Abhijeet is seen telling Akhil that you went out with a big master plan that you’ll come again but you didn’t learn from your mistakes, behaving like you are a genuine person. Stop you acting and Everyone knows your mind games. Indirectly, Abhijeet exposed Akhil’s fake drama in the promo. To know everything we have to watch tonight episode. Akhil says that he went to secret room like meka and returned like puli, for which Abhijeet said that meka can never become Puli.

Meanwhile Abhijeet, Monal, Lasya, Harika, Ariyana and Sohel have been nominated for this week’s elimination. It remains to be seen who will leave the house this weekend as the show reached to crucial moment. Getting any contestant evicted at this moment will be painful to them as show nearing to pull the curtains down,. Let’s wait and watch.

Take a look at the tweets:

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