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Abhijeet Is Replaced By Mukku Avinash For Monal Gajjar In Bigg Boss Telugu 4

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Who doesn’t know the popular contestant of Monal Gajjar of the current season? Probably, Monal Gajjar might also didn’t expect that she will gain this much popularity amongst the audience during her stay in the house. Finally, Monal Gajjar has become household to telugu audience but most of them are hating her.

As you all might aware the reason the way she does skin show in the house.  She has been dominating for the past seven weeks but she hasn’t got evicted. If you ask show lovers, they would say, Monal was supposed to eliminate in Kumar Sai’s elimination. As you all know, Show organizers have saved her as she is generate some TRPs with her triangle love story with Abhijeet and Akhil.

In a recent episode, Monal kissed Avinash on the forehead and the video has gone viral on all social media. Honestly, show lovers are getting irritation to watch Monal on the show and many of the audience have shifted their focus towards other channels due to Monal. But, still, Show Organisers are showing Monal footage for a half-hour in a one-hour episode.

Netizens claim that makers are reducing the time for main task performance and they are showing only Monal as they are no contestants in the house. The makers also highlighting Monal even in promos and they are being so biased to Monal.

Back to Monal and Avinash kiss scene, probably, Abhijeet is replaced by Avinash, show makers are giving so much footage to Monal to fetch votes for her. But, audience are not fools to vote for her blindly and the public will support the contestants who play the game genuinely.

During the initials of the show, Abhijeet used to respect Monal a lot but after knowing few incidents, Abijeet maintaining distance from her. Now, Avinash is getting close to her and he is not bothered about anyone in the house. Looks like the alphabet ‘A’ is a lucky letter for Monal as they are three contestants in the house-Avinash, Akhil and Abhijeet. 

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