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Abhijeet Injured: Bigg Boss Names Abhijeet As Worst Performer Sends Him to Jail

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Bigg Boss Telugu 4 completed 90 episodes and inching towards grand finale on December 20. There are only seven contestants left for the title race. Bigg Boss contestants were seen becoming so emotional and hugging each other after completion of ticket to final race.

In today episode all the housemates were seen becoming emotional in the Rank yourself in best position in Top 6 In number game of ranking themselves from Top 1 to 6, Abhijeet ranked himself in Top 6 the last position in the race and gave a valid explanation that he had committed a mistake by refusing to take Monal for a date as per the Bigg Boss task.

So he named himself as the worst performer and said that he is even ready to name himself as worst performer for the entire season. As Abhijeet ranked himself as the worst performer Bigg Boss punished him by sending him to jail.

Harika, Ariyana , Sohel and Abhijeet becomes emotional in the task, and they have requested Bigg Boss they cannot argue for swapping their positions and let audience decide the title winner. Following that Bigg Boss has announced Abhijeet as worst performer and Sohel as best performer of this season 4.

Harika and others have happily sent Abhijeet into the Jail. Meanwhile Abhijeet fans are very angry with Bigg Boss makers for unnecessarily targeting Abhijeet and lowering his self confidence levels. On a related note, Abhijeet has been nominated for this week and other nominated contestants are Akhil, Avinash, Monal and Ariyana.

As per the latest buzz on social media, Abhijeet has come out of the Jail and was injured while playing the luxury budget task near the pool. So we have to wait and watch to know further updates about the task in coming episodes, which might have shooted earlier.

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