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Abhijeet Fans Worrying About Bigg Boss Telugu Grand Finale?

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Actor Abhijeet has amazed reality show lovers with his attitude and killer looks. He has been winning the hearts of the audience since the show premiered. Abhijeet has proved he is the best in the game and he has the potential to become a winner.

It is being said on social media that the Abhijeet graph seems to be falling down since last week. If you may recall, Nagarjuna insulted Abhijeet that he doesn’t have any passion towards the show. He always denies the task not showing any kind of interest to become the winner of the season.

Since then on Abhijeet is seems to being calm in the house. He is not fighting with any other housemates if not Abhijeet always used to fight with Akhil. Abhijeet’s dearest friend Harika is also seen avoiding him and she is spending most of the time with Monal.

Abhijeet fans are worrying about him whether he will become the winner or not. We are damn sure, none of the contestants can match to Abhijeet fan following, he got the highest votes in recent weeks. There are most chances for him to become a winner because his fans are widely promoting him on several fan pages. It remains to be seen what the future awaits for him.

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