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A Rowdy Sheeter, Coronavirus Suspect Sets 108 Ambulance On Fire In AP

by Bellamkonda

ONGOLE: In a shocking incident, a mentally challenged rowdy sheeter who is also a coronavirus suspect had set the 108 ambulance vehicle ablaze inforn t of a a police station in Ongole, and created ruckus.

According to police, the accused Suresh who is a rowdy sheeter was brought to a police station in ongole, following a complaint from 108 staff that he s repeatedly making wrong calls to 108 staff.

Police found out that Suresh has been suffering from mental dis order. He broke a glass in the police station and made an attempt to flee fro the station.

Police had called the 108 staff to to pick him up. 108 staff had shifted him into an ambulance following which he had broke the glasses of 108 vehicle and set the vehicle on fire. Despite the 108 staff efforts to extinguish the fire, the ambulance was completely burnt.

Suresh behaved strangely and didn’t listen to the police who warned him to come out of the burning 108 ambulance. Later the police officers had forcibly pulled him out of the ambulance, and the firefighters brought down the fire.

Police took Suresh into custody and investigating into the case.

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