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World’s Most Beautiful Yet Scary Places To Visit

by Bellamkonda

Earth is filled with the beauty of nature and so many gorgeous places to visit in one’s life, but there are also some of the places which were a combination of  beauty and frightening experiences.

Everyone would like to visit the most Beautiful places on the earth but there are a few places that were uniquely beautiful, but at the same time they were also considered as the scariest places to visit.

1) Death Valley In USA

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit on the earth but at the same time it is also called as one of the most dangerous places to visit as a man cannot survive here for more than 14 hours if they fail to carry water with them. As human body will get dehydrated here very quickly due to the scorching Sun, and the temperature in this death valley will be 134 Fahrenheit (56.7)

2) Lake Natron in Tanzania

Lake Natron is also one of the most beautiful scenic places to visit and it has stunning scenery, But it a deadly alkaline Lake which has the alkali salt crust on the surface of the lake.

The alkaline on the surface of the lake is so dangerous that all living creatures die if they just come into contact with the water in the lake.  So activities like swimming in this lake are strictly prohibited.

3) Snake Island

Even though it is most beautiful to look from outside it is one of the scariest places to visit.  As the name itself says that it is an island in Brazil which is filled with dangerous species of snakes, and humans are not allowed to enter Snake Island as there are about five deadly snakes per square foot on it.

 In view of threat to human life if they step on to the island the Brazil government has banned the entry of people onto the island, there are several dangerous species of snakes like lanceheads which can kill the people with their poison within an hour after biting.

4) Fly Geyser in Nevada

The Fly Geyser in Nevada of the United States is a 6 ft tall geyser which has been flowing hot, mineral rich water for the past 50 years. 

There are two geysers  and they were formed due to human error in the 20th century when people living there were trying out methods for water in the desert region for agricultural needs. The Public were not allowed to enter the premises of the  geyser and are not open to the public.

5)  Mount Hua In China

Mount Hua  or Huashan  is considered to be one of the most beautiful yet most dangerous mountains in the world to hike. People who travel through these mountains feel very much thrilled, excited and even shiver to hike this mountain. 

It is considered as one of China’s sacred mountains, and an important place of religious pilgrimage for chinese. this mountain have five main peaks Cloud Terrace Peak or North Peak of 1614m, Jade Maiden Peak or Middle Peak, 2042m, Sunrise Peak or East Peak of 2100m, Lotus Peak or West Peak of 2083m and Landing Wild Goose Peak or South Peak of 2155m.  

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