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World’s Costliest Biriyani Made Of Gold, Find Out Its Price

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: You might have tasted different flavors of Biriyani right from Vegetarian Biriyani to Chicken, Muton and other Biriyanis. But have you ever tasted Biriyani made of gold? it might be quiet shocking to you but yes there is one more flavor in Biriyani which is the most expensive Biriyani in the world it is made of pure 22 carat gold.  You might be thinking that how can a person eat Biriyani which is made from gold, but thisgold biriyani is prepared in such a way that it can be eatable by us.

Do you want to taste this Biriyani? then you must travel to Dubai. Bombay Borough Luxury Hotel at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) has served this Biriyani. This biryani was served to customers as part of the DIFC Special Anniversary Celebrations. They have served biryani is served in a large gold plate. Do you know how much they charge for single plate of gold biriyani? . If you want to eat this golden biryani, you have to pay 1000 Dirham which is Rs. 19,742 in Indian currency per plate. You can also book and eat this biryani. If you don’t trust us then Check out this restaurant’s Facebook page.

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