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Check Out Top 5 Best Natural Makeup Products In India

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Makeup is one of the most essential parts in lifestyle especially in grooming kit of all modern Women. In Some cases it is a luxury while in some cases it is mandatory for few working women. But the most challenging job for any woman is to choose the right makeup products which are free from harsh and toxic chemicals. If we choose makeup brands which use harmful chemicals then those makeup items might instantly brighten your skin but will spoil your skin in the long run and prematurely age the skin. So now let us have a look over the  natural makeup products available in the Indian market based on the chemical free and organic ingredients they use for manufacturing makeup products such as  primer, foundation, lipstick, kajal, mascara, eye liner and blusher.

Best Natural Makeup Products Available In Indian Market.

1) Best Primer In India

Primer is generally used to smoothen the skin pores and create uniformity so that the foundation can sit well on it. In simpler words it can be called a strong base for Foundation. Instead of using chemical filled primers you can check out the natural cold pressed oils which act as best primers for any skin. The Best natural Primer In Indian Market. 

Cold Pressed Argan Oil –​
Cold Pressed Olive oil  –​
Cold Pressed Sesame oil –  

2) Best Foundation In India

Foundation is used to create a uniform complexion to the skin and to enhance the natural skin color.  So the Best Natural Foundations available in Indian market are.
Ruby Organics Foundation –​
Just Herbs Foundation cum BB Cream –

3) Best Kajal In India

The purpose of keeping Kajal to use is extremely beneficial not only to add beauty to the eyes but also to protect it from diseases. Check out the Best Kajal available in Indian market.

Soultree Kajal –​
Santulan Kajal –

4) Best Eyeliner In India

Eye liner is commonly used to make the eyes look wider or smaller eye depending upon our choice. So let us have a look at the best Natural eyeliner available in Indian market.

Ruby’s Organics Eyeliner –

5) Best Natural Mascara In India

The main purpose of using mascara in makeup is to bring liveliness and freshness to the eyes. So check out the best natural Primer available In Indian Market. 

Soultree Mascara (Black) –​
Soultree Mascara (Brown) –

6) Best Natural Lipstick In India

The main reason behind using lipstick for lips is to add color and texture to them and also to protect them from hydration.  Most of the top lipstick brands in India contain harmful chemicals in them. So let us have a look at the Best Natural lipstick available in Indian market.

Ruby’s Organics Lipstick –​
Soultree Lipstick –
Just herbs Lipstick –​

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