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Tips to help you in transitioning from non reader to happy reader.

by Fathima

Today let’s talk about how to improve our reading skills and how to enjoy reading books. 

So firstly let me tell you my personal experience about reading books. I was such a person that I always wanted to make reading a habit and would ask anyone and everyone for recommendations. But sometimes I used to not like the recommended books, and I used to get bored by those books. While reading I had thoughts that I am a bad reader or if there’s something wrong with me. But later I realized how one’s liking can be different. Everyone has different interests in different things. Same goes with the books also. There might be books which you don’t feel like reading or your interest in books can be different. So here are a few tips that’ll help you in the transitioning journey from a non reader to a happy reader. 

Follow this if you want to enjoy reading books! 

  1. Put up the book you like
  2. Set out some time everyday to make it a habit 
  3. Ask for recommendations from those who knows your likings 
  4. If you don’t enjoy the book you’re reading, leave it 
  5. Always read books you can talk about later 
  6. Stop multitasking and concentrate only on reading. 

Lastly I just want to say that, read what you enjoy, whatever the book might be if you like it, that’s all it matters. 

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