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N95 Masks Soon Turning To Rechargeable Instead of Disposable

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Billions of N95 masks were burned, thrown, soaked and used by the world. With the virus spreading around the world, the popularity and use of N95 became most crucial. A new research has revealed that N95 masks can be recharged rather than disposing them with maximum effectiveness.

From the researches point of view at Technion –IIT in Israel and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India, the proposed system, N95 masks will have both mechanical filtering and electrostatic filtering. In the process of electrostatic filtering, the particles get attracted to static charged surfaces at the scale of microns this making the combination effective. Electrostatic charge over time dissipates after sometime when air and moisture pass over it.

Application of strong electric field by placing the filter between two plate electrodes allows the germs and particles to burn up or evaporate from the mask as the mask heats up. “We find that the total charge deposited on the masks depends strongly on the charging time… with the pristine value almost re-attained after a 60 min charge at 1000 V,” explained the researchers in a paper published in the journal of Physics of Fluids.

On the other hand, the team has worked the possibility to charge the N95 mask in addition to having a built-in battery to make it self-rechargeable. However, the team reported that it’s not yet ready for deployment as efficacy of filtration testing is questionable.

Once the little innovation works, team is ready to approach the market which expects billions of sales could take place overtime.

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