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Top 5 Ways To Remove Negative Energy From Home

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: The environment in which we live has a lot of impact on our mental and even physical health. For any person to lead a peaceful life it is important to live in a house filled with positivity and happiness. But sometimes we unknowingly become the victims of negative energy and lead a burden full life with all problems.

Sometimes we feel sick, often get depressed for little things and argue with other family members of the home, health falls out of track and there will be no match between income and expenditure. These are the perfect examples to say that your house is filled with negativity which will influence your thinking and lifestyle. So are thinking how to remove negative energy from home. Don’t worry we are here to let you know about ways to get rid of negative energy from your home.

1)  Place Sea Salt In All Corners Of Your Home

Sea Salt is widely used for removing negative energy from home as it has the capacity to absorb negativity and changes it’s color once it absorbs the negative energy. So try placing sea salt in all corners of your rooms by placing it in a container. Leave the salt to absorb the negativity for 4- 7 days or until you notice a color change. After removing it, throw it in water and repeat the same. 

Sea Salt

2) Pooja and Ringing Bell

As per the Hindu tradition performing pooja, lighting a lamp, ringing a bell made of brass and burning natural incense is very much helpful in clearing off the negative energy and replacing it with positive energy. Ringing a bell after pooja is believed to push out negative energy and attract positive energy. So most of the people place an ornate bell at the entrance in their home. Scientifically Sound waves destroys negative energy.

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3) Pumpkin

Take a pumpkin and hang it at the entrance of your home on Amavasya or any Friday evening before sunset. These will protect the people living in the house from negative energy and evil eyes.


4) Green Plants

Plants are natural air purifiers which help to increase peace of mind and fill our home with positivity. Some plants like Bilva, Tusi are mostly worshipped and known for removing negative energy from home and they even have medicinal values.

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5) Alum

Take a bowl and keep one kg of alum at the entrance of your home, as we return to our home from outside we unknowingly carry a lot of negative energies along with us to home. So placing alum at entrance will help us to get rid of those negative energies, as alum attracts all the negative energies.


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