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Different Types Of Coffee And Their Compositions

by Fathima

Coffee is definitely one of the most abusive ingredients on this planet earth. I mean, who doesn’t like coffee? People around the world are addicted to coffee. Coffee has so many additional health benefits including the cardiovascular benefits and weight loss too.

Let us today understand the different types of coffee and their compositions.

1) Espresso

It is also known as a short black, it is a single shot of coffee. In this, no extra hot water will be added and it results in an intense and flavoursome drink.

2) Latte

Latte is a coffee espresso shot filled with steamed milk and with a layer of foamed milk cream.

3) Mocha

A latte with the added sweetness of chocolate. A mocha can be prepared by adding chocolate to the espresso shot before adding the textured milk.

4) Filter Coffee

In filter coffee, we will add the boiled milk in the coffee decoction and sugar as per taste. It is coarsely ground and is brewed for a long temperature and for a long duration.

5) Doppio

It is a double shot of espresso with no added hot water or milk. That means 60 ml of coffee. Doppio means ‘double’ in Italian.

6) Ristretto

It means ‘restricted’ in Italian, is a shot of espresso coffee . It is extracted with half the amount of water. This results in a delicious, concentrated shot. It can be either enjoyed straight or it can also be combined with milk.

Happy brewing guys !
Stay tuned if you guys want some amazing brewery style homemade cold and hot coffee.

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