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Best remedies and adorable Lip masks for lip pigmentation

by Fathima

Tired of finding ways to lighten the lip pigmentation, here are some of the home made remedies and lip masks which can help you. 

Firstly let me start with the natural way and then suggest you some good affordable lip masks. 

Make a paste of lemon juice, turmeric and sugar, make sure you use sugar crystals as they work like scrub. Lemon and turmeric have acids which can naturally help you lighten your lips. Scrub for 2-3 min and wipe it with a tissue. Do this everyday before sleeping and you can check the results. 

Another natural way is to make a paste using honey ,sugar crystals, beetroot juice  and milk. Scrub for 2-3 min and see the results. This will not only depigment but also moisturize your lips. 

Laneige lip sleeping masks are one of the most used one. The reviews are very good and will surely help you. 

Sephora collection moisturizing lip masks are also trending.

Dot and Key skin care lip plumping sleeping face masks are also effective. 

Bella vita organic Nico Lips lightening scrub balm is organic and works wonders.

Let me remind you, beauty comes from within us and all these things are just some ways of enhancing it and embracing it. 

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