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World Diabetic Day! Nov 14. Ways to prevent diabetes!

by Fathima

India is considered the diabetic capital of the world.
World diabetic day is celebrated every year on November 14. Due to rapid industrialization and the lifestyle modifications people are at higher risk of acquiring diabetes.557 Million people around the world are diabetic. Every year WHO comes up with a theme to tackle the problem and the theme for 2021-2023 is Access to Diabetes Care. It’s been more than 100 years since the discovery of insulin and still millions of people are facing problems in procuring it.

Diabetes is a serious problem which slowly affects every organ of the body. For people who are 40 years and above, it is recommended to get the blood sugar levels checked once in every 6 months. There is a high chance of acquiring diabetes early if both your parents are diabetic. It affects your wound healing process ,affects your blood vessels in the retina of the eye ,vessels of the kidney, heart and brain.There are high chances of acquiring Hypertension also once you’re diagnosed with diabetes.The risk of stroke also increases significantly due to the complications.

Your vessels start ageing sooner and will lead to inflammation and thus the cascade of injury, thrombosis leading to heart attack and stroke will follow.

Here are some ways of preventing diabetes
Have a high fibre diet.
Include protein rich foods like oats porridge,use ragi flour instead of wheat.
Start using natural sugars like jaggery, honey and dates.
Make sure you have a balanced diet without having too many sugar products.
Walk for 30 min a day.
Finish your meals before 8 in the evening.
If your wounds are taking a longer time to heal than normal, immediately consult the physician.
If both your parents are diabetic regularly keep checking your blood sugar levels.
If you’re already a diabetic, make sure you stick to your diabetic food diet plan, get your eyes checked regularly, and follow up on your renal function tests regularly.
Keep checking on symptoms like polyphagia, polydipsia and polyuria.

Diabetes is considered one of the deadliest non communicable diseases so far as it affects every possible organ in our body and will also lower your immune status and will make you prone for other infections as well.
Make sure you dissolve your inner sweetness around the world but don’t allow this sugar to dissolve you!

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