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Winter Regime! Here’s how you can stay fit and warm this winter!

by Fathima

Winter is a beautiful time and Many people experience colds and flu during this transition phase. There’s no better way to start a healthy regime with these tips. Healthy diet is very important for a healthy lifestyle. This diet will keep you warm, fit and ensure your wellness.

Winters are not just for sipping hot coffee but also to keep our immune system strong. During this winter, Our body needs specific foods in its diet regime like dried fruits & nuts, hot meals which are satisfying and give a positive effect on health.

Tips to stay fit and warm in this winter season

  • Drinking Milk and dairy products like cheese, butter, ghee ,boiled eggs etc are good for health.
  • Always stay hydrated. Drinking hot water during this season helps to reduce the dryness of skin.
  • Tea made with cinnamon, ginger and black pepper helps in digestion and can be had after meals.
  • Have at least two fruits a day as it increases absorption of nutrients and boosts the immune system.
  • Green leafy vegetables are always fresh and are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers.
  • Dals, khichdi, bisibele rice, moong dal halwa, soup are rich in protein, fiber and minerals.
  • Having Bajra, Ragi porridge and makki ki roti helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure and heart attacks.
  • Skipping meals and having a light diet must be avoided.
  • You can consume homemade or knorr soups which will make you feel warm and full.
  • Wear warm clothes and apply good moisturiser and lip balm to help prevent skin drying.
  • Avoid day sleep during winter as it makes you put on more weight. Exercise regularly during this winter.
  • Avoid morning walks as direct exposure to cold environment worsens the skin.

This regime will help you build a new personality with good energy and immunity.

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