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Top 5 Food to Boost Immunity To Fight Against Coronavirus

by Bellamkonda

Immunity is nothing but our body’s natural defense against harmful viruses, infections, diseases and other pathogens which can harm us. So one must have a strong immunity system to protect ourselves from several diseases. if we become a victim of cold, flu and other diseases very often. Weak  immune system is like an invitation to all health problems. So we need to maintain a proper diet and lifestyle to maintain a healthy immune system.

Top 5 Foods to boost immunity/ Top 5 immunity boosting foods

1) Amla

Amla is the rich source of Vitamin C which is used to boost the immunity levels in the body. Amla can be consumed directly in raw form or juice over in the form of pickle.


2) Ashwagandha

 It is known for instantly boosts our immunity when taken on a regular basis. The best way to include this Indian herb in our diet is to mix Ashwagandha powder with a cup of hot milk and drink it before going to bed.


3) Giloy

Giloy is very well known for clearing toxins from our body and purifies blood and battles against harmful bacteria. Mix one tablespoon of Giloy powder in lukewarm water and take it on an empty stomach every morning.


4) Mint Leaves

Mint is one of the easily available immunity boosters to everyone, the best way to use mint is to boil water along with a spoon of turmeric and mint leaves and boil it for 5 minutes. Then cool the drink, mix it with honey and drink it which is the best antioxidant to fight against harmful microbes in the body.  

Mint Leaves

5) Turmeric

Turmeric is best known for it’s healing and anti fungal, anti inflammatory, anti microbial properties is also a great immunity booster. Mix turmeric in hot milk and drink it before going to sleep.

benefits of golden milk

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