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Indian Home Made Remedies : Powerful Ayurvedic Ingriedients To Avoid Health Issues

by Fathima

India is a cultural home for many religions and cultures which makes it so unique about it. We see a lot of diversity of opinions, beliefs, traditions and what not but there is one thing common among all this, that is the traditional way of dealing with problems be it mental health issues or physical well being. India certainly is called the house of alternative’s, like people here find one or the alternatives for their problems. Well, during the covid times I have realised the importance of a few things which made my immune system strong.

Let me start with a wonder ingredient i.e Ginger – one of the immunity booster.
It is a rhizome, which is popularly used in India as a spice and all across the world for its strong flavour and taste. It has antioxidant properties which help cleanse your body of toxins. It is also an anti-inflammatory substance which helps your body fight against harmful stimuli. It also aids digestion. Hot water, honey and ginger drink is a perfect drink to start your day amidst these tough covid times.

Next ingredient I would like to bring to your notice is turmeric – yes you read it right.Turmeric is also a spice which all of us have at our homes. It is also an anti-inflammatory spice which helps us fight against infection. My grandmother used to make sure I drink “haldi wala doodh”(turmeric milk) every night before going to bed. It is also an immunity booster and an antioxidant. It is almost used in every curry cooked in India.

Next wonder ingredient is “Amla”(Indian gooseberry). It is a rich source of antioxidants and loaded with lots of vitamin C and A. It promotes faster wound healing. It is an antioxidant. I remember my childhood days where my grandma used to make amla ka murabba so that we eat amla. It is also an ingredient in chyawanprash (an Indian immunity booster powder/paste). It has an additional benefit of nourishing your hair as well.

Next comes the “Kadha”. It is a popular saying in India that whenever you have a cold make sure you have kadha and it’s gone. Kadha is an Indian drink made with spices to soothe your throat and get rid of cough. It’s basically a drink having cloves, black pepper, basil leaves and cinnamon. All these spices are good antioxidants and will help you cleanse toxins and are also anti inflammatory.

Lemon! We are all aware of the benefits of lemon in wound healing as well as its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant nature. In Fact the discovery of health benefits of lemon (Citrus fruit) came into light when it was used to treat common cold /flu in sailors. In covid times also we were asked to take vitamin C tablets initially for quicker recovery and boosting our immune system. Lemon can be added to the above mentioned kadha or ginger water it enhances tastes and as well adds nutrients.

Well we are all aware of the green tea flavours which use many of the above mentioned ingredients as their flavours. As earlier said all these home made remedies have scientific explanations now. There are many ayurvedic, unani, and homeopathic medicines which are based on these health benefits and have been followed by people around the world.

Last but not the least is Sunlight, it helps convert cholesterol in our skin into vitamin D which is important for many of our internal functions in our body. It helps in the absorption of calcium in our body, which plays an essential role in our immunity. It has many pivotal roles in our body like maintaining our muscle contraction to nerve conduction to boosting our immunity to treating few of the mental health issues and the list goes on. This might be the reason Vitamin D was also prescribed for Covid patients initially to help boost their immunity.

This list goes on and on and there will not be any end to it. Our ancestors have really got a catchy eye to acknowledge all these health benefits in our regular day to day life ingredients. As the trend is reverting back to using natural and organic stuff, it is a good idea to add these to your routine. And lastly I would emphasise on having a balanced and healthy food habits. Taking anything in excess would definitely harm our body. I will end it here with a quote “Health is Wealth”, hence proven in these tough covid times.

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