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Intermittent Fasting : Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss

by Fathima

One of the most followed diet plan used for losing weight by most celebrities these days is intermittent fasting. People lost many kilos using this diet during the lockdown days and the trend is still continuing. Let me highlight the benefits, side effects and how it works.

Intermittent fasting is eating on a scheduled time of the day. We are supposed to maintain a ratio of 18:6 hours, which means eating one light and one heavy meal during the 6 hour period and fasting for the remaining 18 hours of the day. You guys must be thinking how is this possible, certainly yes it is possible. Initially you are supposed to take it slow, start it with a 12:12 hour interval and then gradually increase it to 14:10 hours. This is supposed to be the most efficient time frame as it helps you continue this regime for a longer period of days. Step up to 16:8 hours and then 18:6 hours. The 18:6 hours time frame helps you lose weight quickly compared to the other time frames.

Let me give you an example, how you should be starting – suppose you follow a 18:6 hour regime and your last meal was around 6 pm yesterday, today you are suppose to have your breakfast at around 12 ‘O’clock and then have good proteinaceous heavy meal at around 6 pm and your done for the day. You can only have liquids like black coffee and water in the remaining time frame of the regimen. Avoid binge eating and junk food for efficient and quick results. You lose approximately 5-6 kgs in a month.

Intermittent fasting has scientific explanations which explains how it works. Our body requires time to get rid of toxins. Doing this you’re giving ample time for it to flush them out. Not eating helps prolong our life span as well, as many researchers said it helps release sirtuins which helps increase life expectancy. Moderate amount of wine also helps production of sirtuins as well. It boosts your immune system and speeds up your metabolism. It increases the good gastric movements which are required for proper digestive system functioning. It allows your body to completely utilise glucose and helps burning of liver fat effectively (hepatic glycogenolysis). It also prevents you from binge eating junk food and thus checks extra fat intake.

There are few side effects as well but the benefits here outweigh side effects. Prolonged fasting makes you vulnerable for binge eating, so keep your intervals in a moderate time frame so that you can stick to it. It aggravates acidity problems if you already have it.
It doesn’t help you do strength exercises along with it. You don’t strain yourself much while doing this diet.

I think it’s a good effective way to lose weight without doing much exercise if you keep your time frame moderate and do little exercise along with it, so that it will boost your weight loss journey.

Stay tuned if you want to know more about what all diet products you can consume during this time frame!

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