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High Blood Pressure Due To Stress: Problems Due To High BP and Ways To Reduce It

by Bellamkonda

HYDERABAD: Due to the  fast-paced lives filled with stress and tension most of the people started witnessing high blood pressure (BP) or hypertension associated with poor management of stress as a result of increasing demands for comforts and other needs and unhealthy lifestyles. Most of the people don’t even have an idea over this high BP as it is largely symptom less.

Everyone will feel the stress at one time or the other but when it goes unaddressed for a longer period then there is a possibility that it can be turned into chronic stress.

Symptoms of Chronic stress:
Depression or Anxiety
Heart palpitations
Body aches

If we neglect chronic stress for a longer time it would lead to higher blood pressure. In most stressful situations, the body produces hormones like adrenaline, which is a natural fear-based hormone and it can make the heart beat faster and increases high blood pressure.

Due to this high Blood pressure large force is exerted  against the walls of arteries in the heart which gradually harms our body.  If we neglect this for a longer time it will cause damage to the heart. 

Problems That May Arise Due To High BP
1) Heart attack, Stroke or Failure : High BP damages arteries and prevents the blood flow to heart which may result in heart attack or even stroke.
2) Kidney disease or failure : High BP  increases the risk of chronic problems which include kidney and hormone problems, as high BP can damage the arteries around the kidneys.
3) Vision Loss: High BP can also damage the vision as blood vessels in eyes have severe effects due to high BP.
4) High BP would also develop diabetes and high cholesterol
5) It would also result in memory loss and personality changes

 Ways To Reduce Stress and High BP:

 1) Getting a proper sleep as it is essential to our overall health along with reducing the stress level in the body. Lack of sleep is a risk factor for heart disease and one of the main reasons for high BP.

2) We can reduce the  stress levels by proper diet as  stressed can improve the need of certain nutrients such as vitamin C, Vitamin B, magnesium and selenium.

3) One can reduce stress levels with regular exercise as it is helps us to relieve stress and is good for your heart as it lower blood pressure.
4) Eating Dark Chocolates can reduce stress, Dark Chocolates which are rich in antioxidants in turn releases some hormones in the body which will help us to stay stress free.

5) Excessive Intake of salt raises blood pressure so reduce the usage of salt in your daily diet.

6) Add the foods like Avocados, fish, warm milk, nuts, citrus fruits and foods high in fiber which can boost heart health while fighting against stress

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