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Can Lemon Juice With Black Coffee Really Help To Lose Weight?

by Fathima

Today let’s speak about the most ongoing discussion on social media which is – Black Coffee with Lemon for weight loss, is it guys? So let’s speak about it… firstly both the ingredients are used most commonly for weight loss no doubt in it but can we take them together? Let me tell you, having a cup of black coffee is good for your health. Many studies have shown that coffee has several health benefits.

Typically, an 8-ounce cup of black coffee contains:

  • Fat – 0%
  • Cholesterol – 0%
  • Sodium – 0%
  • Carbohydrates – 0%
  • Sugar – 0%
  • Potassium – 4%
  1. People take coffee as a preworkout drink as it boosts their metabolism and helps burn more calories.
  2. It has caffeine which helps boost your metabolism.
  3. It’s an antioxidant drink that can clear so many toxins from the body via increasing the urination.
  4. As it increases the urination process it may help in losing weight easily.

Let us now discuss some of the researches which say

  1. Drinking coffee helps improve cardiovascular health and thus lowers inflammation and risk of stroke.
  2. Researchers also say, drinking coffee keeps your nerves active and can prevent or delay memory loss problems.
  3. It helps flush out our toxins from the body thus also good for the liver and stomach.

I believe there should be a balance in our lives. If we overdo things, we land up in trouble. Drinking 1-2 cups of black coffee is good for health and has an extra benefit of weight loss also.

  1. Drinking excess coffee makes you anxious, and it induces a state of anxiety and stress in your body.
  2. It makes your skin look dehydrated.
  3. It takes your sleep away.
  4. It prevents absorption of a few minerals from our gut.

Let us now discuss the benefits of lemon. We all know lemon is one such ingredient that you find in any Indian kitchen.

Lemon has many benefits

  1. It is a very good source of vitamin C.
  2. It is also an antioxidant, helps in reducing weight gain and helps flush toxins from our body.
  3. It also makes your skin look younger and brighter and acts as an anti ageing agent
  4. It helps reduce inflammation and thus lowers risk of cardiovascular events.
  5. It promotes wound healing faster.

Let me tell you, both coffee and lemon have weight loss properties and are very good for health independently. Many of the doctors have come forward to put their opinion on this fad… about drinking black coffee and lemon, they think it is not effective, and mixing both of them has no extra benefit for weight loss. Well, I believe it’s good for losing weight.

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